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“Hispanic/Latino Diversity Network Presents: Untold Narratives”

During Hispanic Heritage Month we are reminded of the profound and positive influence of Hispanics in our country. The deep rooted traditions and multi-cultural customs of the Hispanic community have shaped our national character. In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Hispanic/Latino Diversity Network is pleased to present Untold Narratives, an art exhibition of Hispanic/Latino artists who express their own diverse cultures through their art. This exhibition focuses on portrait and still life as a means of expressing individuality. Through unique artistic styles, carefully considered compositions and intriguing subjects, we are invited to discover worlds that speak as much to their subject matter as they do to the artist capturing them. We invite you to experience this artistic journey with us.


Jose Acosta (Cuba)

Carlos Bautista (Colombia)

Ismael Checo (Dominican Republic)

Maria Dominguez (Puerto Rico)

Duvian Montoya  (Colombia)

Justo Osuna (Venezuela)

Miguel Tio (Dominican Republic)

George Velasco (Mexico)